Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This week’s cultural highlight was the private view of Journeys of a Randonneur– cycling themed prints by the very talented Andrew Pavitt. Currently showing at London’s pre-eminent cycling café Look Mum No Hands! until 3rd April, these linocut prints are both striking and stylish – a cool mix of nostalgia, dynamism and just a hint of Gallic je-ne-sais-quoi. Each print in an edition is subtly different due to Pavitt’s printing technique, which, he told me, involves using a wooden spoon. A framed print of The Fixer will soon be adorning my kitchen wall, safeguarding my red Voyager bicycle from punctures. Touch wood.

And I should say merci to M. Pavitt for introducing me to a new word: randonneur – hiker, rambler; touring cyclist (according to my Oxford Hachette French dictionary).



Mike said...

Hello Andrew

My wife gave me a card with your wonderful print "Almost there" for my birthday..

As I long-time cycle-tourist, I can really put myself in that picture.

Do you sell copies of this print? - and if "yes" how much would an unframed copy be?

Thank you


Andrew Pavitt said...

Thank's so much Mike,
sadly this one is not available as a print,
the card company hold the rights to the image
for another two years, I can send you a few extra copies of the card though if needed