Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wine label

Here and above are four
wine label designs.


Digital Fox said...

This is fantastic! I really love your work. I have a card with your Night Owls print on it and I love it so much I can't bring myself to send it to anyone. Can I buy a larger print of it for my wall so I can actually send the card to someone?! I've tried emailing you but it bounces ( or - is there a better email for you?

Andrew Pavitt said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks so much for your comments.
I am clearly quite rubbish at promotion and as friends are always telling me, am well under the radar re easy contact.
I am away on holiday for a few weeks but if you can hang on, I'm sure I can make a print of night owls for you. I hope to have an ETSY shop up and running soon to sell the cards and related prints. Shall bein touch soon I promise.
mail is

Chris Koning said...

This label is beautiful! Get your ETSY shop up and running soon. And a mailing list to keep people updated :) xx