Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Anna Findlay 1885 - 1968

I fear I'm posting more images by other designers than my own. However the work of Anna Findlay 1885 - 1968 was just too good not to add here. I discovered this wonderful print on the excellent Modern Print blog an extensive and lovingly compiled blog highlighting the very best lino print and woodcut artists working mainly in the mid Nineteenth and Twentieth Century. The images on this blog are always well chosen, and are accompanied by carefully researched and considered information coupled with useful biographical detail. Anna Findlay was a student of the Grovesnor School, but little else is known about her after she left. I will certainly endeavour to seek out more of her prints if I can.

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Mock-Turtle said...

Andrew- It's Cathy! I love your blog, and I love this piece. I would like to follow you, but I don't know how! (I'm new to blogging.) I've just started a photo blog about Jack:

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